Who Is She? 6 Celebrity Sisters Often Forgotten

Have you ever thought about the siblings of some of your favorite singers and actors? If you answered “no,” then you’re not alone. Face it: When browsing the blogs, your favorite celebrities’ sisters are not at the top of the noggin. VV decided it was time to give a sister spotlight to the often forgotten double-X siblings of some of the biggest celebrities in the biz currently. Whether you realize it or not, these ladies are doing and have done their thing too. Take a look at the sisters who, although may not ever be as successful as their siblings, still deserve the spotlight.

Solange Knowles
Being the sister of one of the world’s best entertainers isn’t easy. With all the commotion that’s always surrounded her Beyoncé, Solange has often been compared to her big sis or forgotten. Over the years, we’ve watched Solange come into her own identity and style which let the world know she is her own person. The Vixen has gained her own fan base as a DJ and established herself as one of the faces of Rimmel London. She’s doing her thing and don’t you forget it!