Wish List: 4 Things We Want to See on ‘Mob Wives’ Season 2

1. More Drita fights.
We know, we know. It’s wrong to condone fighting, and we really don’t. But Drita’s fighting is so intense! (Almost like watching a boxing match!) If these chicks ask for beef with Drita, it’ll happen. We do like this new leaf she’s attempting to turn over, but do not tell me that you’re not silently waiting for Drita to TKO an agitator. Get your furs ready, Vixens, because the rumbling is bound to happen. It’ll be must-see TV.

2. Karen and Drita make up, despite Ramona Rizzo.
Ramona is playing the Riz that stole friendship it seems. With the latest cast member in Karen’s ear, how will the old buddies ever make peace. Drita broke girlfriend code back in the day, but in the present, things are a bit too tense for grown women. Maybe a sit-down is needed to hash out the deets, but until Karen calms her “thug life” attitude down, we’ll keep our fingers crossed on wish #1.