Wish List: 4 Things We Want to See on ‘Mob Wives’ Season 2

3. Carla catches a clue.
Ever since Carla turned a blind eye to Renee’s allegations about her boyfriend, we turned a side-eye to Miss Facciolo. I mean, come on. Your best friend of several years tells you that your man touched her inappropriately and you diss her? No way! Then, you don’t send any well wishes during her recovery? Something’s not right there. Hopefully Carla gets back in step with being a good friend this season because we’re not having it!

4. Renee does less crying.
Man. Renee is a drama queen, but we’d love if she eased up on the tears this season. Although this is quite the therapeutic journey for the mob princess, we want to see less breakdowns and more smiles. Kick Junior to the curb, step away from the mafia and take control of your life.