Young Money’s Tyga Causes a Riot in San Diego

Young Money member Tyga has the kids going crazy. The California rapper caused a 1,200 person riot back on January 6th for not showing up at a scheduled appearance.

The incident went down at the World Beat Center in San Diego, where Tyga was scheduled to perform for a crowd of teens. TMZ reports that Tyga ended up pulling a no-show at the event, without warning, and once the packed house of teens learned he wasn’t coming things took a turn for the worse.

The audience destroyed the venue, breaking walls, floors, and property at the WBC. After attempts from private security to control the rioting crowd failed, San Diego police were sent to the scene and gained control.

Tyga took to his Twitter to share his side of the story:

They Shut the spot down before I walkd all my fans I’m back in San Diego for the careless world feb!!! I got y’all

San Diego its Fucked up when Fans Are Lied To. Im real with my shi..I work hard and never will i do yall wrong..
Im puttin together a FREE SHOW in San Diego on The in Feb. Without Fans I Have Nothing.I luv yall
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