Lamar Odom Stops Playing, Tends to Khloe Kardashian’s Health Problems?


Former Laker and now Dallas Mavericks power forward Lamar Odom has been excused from playing to attend to personal family matters. No other reasons have been cited. When probed about Odom’s untimely departure, Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle stated in a press release, “He will rejoin us after the break.”

But sources linked to the Kardashian camp have said that his wife Khloe was rushed to the hospital yesterday because she was experiencing gynecological problems. Fans of the show know that this is not something new, because just this season on the show she was going to doctor’s appointments with concerns about her ability to conceive.

Khloe had this to tweet yesterday:

We hope that the couple is doing alright, and that Lamar can get back to the court very soon. -Phelena Jean