10 Reasons You May Hate Valentine’s Day


The big day is getting close. And by the big day, we’re not talking about your birthday. It’s Valentine’s Day, the day when men and women celebrate the love they share with each other. But for many, this is a day of utter despair. Take a look at 10 reasons you may hate Valentine’s Day:

1. Only one partner celebrates it. It’s no fun if you celebrate Valentine’s Day in a relationship, by yourself. If your partner doesn’t celebrate it, you’re left to look around at all the other lovers which is never any fun.

2. It’s a Hallmark holiday. Let’s face it, most holidays are money-makers. But it just may frustrate you much more to know that on this particular day Hallmark, as well as restaurants and jewelry makers are banking on your dollar!

3. Expectations are high.Women have extremely high expectations when it comes to the magic day. One mistake–he/she shows up late or the weather is horrible–and the vision of perfect romantic bliss can be ruined. Such pressure!

4. You don’t have a “Valentine” on Valentine’s Day. How hard is it to walk outside and be thrust into a sea of romantic couples coddling each other, when you don’t have someone to share in the day with. Talk about depressing!

5. It’s the only day you feel appreciated. There are 365 days in a year. If Valentine’s Day is the only time your significant other goes all out, then something may be wrong. If you can’t feel special the other days of the year, then why is this one day so significant?

6. It leaves you thinking your relationship is inadequate. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you could be perfectly content in your relationship. But because your significant other didn’t go all out for Valentine’s Day, it may leave you questioning how much he/she really cares.

7. My gift is better than yours. Valentine’s Day can bring out the most competitive behavior since Superbowl Sunday. If you have girlfriends who flaunt their gifts in your face, Valentine’s Day can become a day for comparisons.

8. You can’t get over the past. Valentine’s Day used to mean something to you. Maybe it was the day that your boyfriend made things official or your significant other bought you that brand new car. Well, now he’s your ex-husband, and the car is repossessed. So every time Valentine’s Day comes around, it brings up horrible feelings. Yikes!

9. It’s a one-sided holiday. Ladies, if you carry the mentality that it’s all about us, this could be the reason your hubby hates this day. Are you giving your guy anything special? Are you spending money on him? Do you treat him to something nice? Maybe, you should.

10. What gift should I get? On the subject of gifts, other than the typical flowers and candy, it can become difficult to come up with a unique gift that really melts your significant other’s heart. It can leave you racking your brain for days before!