14 Students Arrested at UMass After Patriots Super Bowl Loss


Though the streets of Boston remained relatively calm after their team lost last night’s Super Bowl, police arrested a group of 14 over-zealous Patriots fans at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Police officers near UMass wore riot gear and used smoke bombs to clear the 1,500 students; however 13 students were arrested and charged with failure to disperse or disorderly conduct. Any disciplinary action for these students is set to be decided by the school’s dean.

According to spokesman Ed Blaguszewski, aside from a few fistfights, no serious injuries were incurred and no property damage was reported.

“It was a loud crowd and there were fights breaking out in pockets,” said Blaguszewski regarding the group of students that took officers 90 minutes to disperse.

Marissa Faldasz, a student, watched through her window as the crowd of students formed throwing beer cans and rolls of toilet paper rolls while chanting “U.S.A.” Faldasz’s video footage showed the crowd disseminating as police appeared on horseback and wrestled students to the ground.

This wasn’t the first incident of this sort at the school, however, as she reported a similar incident after the death of Osama Bin Laden. –Jazmine Gray

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