15 Underrated Rockin’ Rap Songs We Can’t Live Without


Music has seen its fair share of rock/rap mashups by now. The early 1980’s set the stage for the Beastie Boys to step in as rambunctious punkers only to later make a bold crossover to hip-hop. Run DMC remade Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” in 1986. Oh, and remember the Shop Boyz’s “Party Like a Rock Star” from 2007?

2012 has arrived, and it’s looking like we finally have that Kid Cudi/Dot Da Genius rock opus on its way. Cudi first announced the coming of WZRD (then spelled “Wizard”) in January 2011, pushing it as a “rock album, no raps, just singing. Brand new thing. Flavor.” Surprise! The Twitter realm went wild, and after two title changes and the November release of “Brake,” the Cudder man gave the album an official release date of January 30th, 2012 and all was grand with the world.

Well, it’s looking like fans will now be waiting until February 28th (Dot announced the pushback via Twitter not too long ago),and although we have about another month left until we finally get our hands on WZRD, we figured we’d pass the time by paying chronological homage to 15 underrated rockin’ rap songs. – Stephanie Long

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