3 Reasons Why Chrissy and Yandy Need to End Their Beef


If you’ve seen the sneak peek for tonight’s reunion of Love & Hip-Hop, it’s clear Chrissy and Yandy’s beef hasn’t died down at all since wrapping season 2. While the name-calling and drink-throwing is made for entertaining Monday night TV, these are two women with real lives and reputations that are on the line. Now that the cameras aren’t rolling, we say it’s time to end the drama. Here are three reasons why…

If Chrissy and Yandy have nothing else in common, they both care about Jim. It’s already been established that Chrissy is the ultimate ride-or-die chick, and it’s obvious Yandy thought of herself as much more than Jim’s manager. Jim was noticeably stressed about the situation—Chrissy was in one ear claiming he wasn’t being managed right and Yandy was in the other defending herself and questioning his girl. When it came down to it, Chrissy got Yandy out of her way but that doesn’t mean it was the best career move for Jim, or that she wasn’t overstepping her bounds in pushing Yandy out. If the Diplomats are really a family like Yandy says, then Chrissy needs to make peace with her the same way she did with Mama Jones—for Jim’s sake.