3 Reasons Why Chrissy and Yandy Need to End Their Beef


Maybe Babies…
Rumor has it that Yandy’s pregnant by her boyfriend and new pics of Chrissy reveal what looks to be a growing baby bump. If either woman is on her way to becoming a mother, the beef needs to end pronto. Chrissy and Yandy were already too old to almost come to blows every time they were within 50 feet of each other but there is nothing cute about mothers throwing bows in public. If there’s any time you need to set a good example and be a grown ass woman, it’s while you’re expecting.

They Don’t Even Know Why They’re Fighting
If you were to ask Chrissy and Yandy why they’re beefing, they probably couldn’t even tell you. From the outside looking in, Chrissy popped off because she thought Jim was nothing more than a check to Yandy and it was all downhill from there. Yandy said she has no idea why Chrissy has a problem with her and neither does anyone else—except for the fact that it seems she really wants Yandy’s job. Since the feud began, Chrissy has been throwing more and more shots while Yandy just tries to defend herself. If Yandy isn’t working for Jim anymore, Chrissy shouldn’t have anything else to complain about. Kill the noise.