3 Rules to a Healthy, Open Relationship


1. Communication
We can barely stress this key factor enough when it comes to a regular, monogamous relationship. However, in this type of relationship, both parties even more open. The spoken (not written) commitment calls for some things remaining a secret, but we suggest you play with the cards face up. You’re already aware of the infidelity, right? What else is there to hide?

2. Don’t Ask Too Many Questions
Okay, this may conflict with rule #1, but some things are better left unasked. Think: if you ask him how the sex is with another woman, why his phone is off and all the other 19 questions, be prepared for a battle. In a man’s eyes, once you sign the Open Relationship agreement, a lot of details are left unshared.

3. Be Confident in Your Role
Don’t let his gamut of women see you sweat! You’re the one in his home, you’re the one he comes home to and you’re the one who is or will be the mother of his children. As long as he respects that, remains honest and maintains the loyalty, you’re good.

What rules did we miss, Vixens? And if you’re in an open relationship, share your experience!