5 Indie Artists That Need to Be on Your iPod

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The days of major labels and radio stations reigning over our iPods are far behind us, and we can thank the indie scene for that. Over the past few years, there’s been an influx of independent, phenomenal talents that have left us scratching our heads and wondering ‘Where did they come from?’

We welcome new talent with open ears, and that’s why VIBE has compiled five indie acts that your playlists shouldn’t live without. –Jolie Sanchez

Listen: Jessie Ware “Running

Timeless music isn’t a thing of the past, and London crooner Jessie Ware is living proof. In her latest visuals for “Running,” the songstress fixates us with her classic voice and melodic guitar strings. Keep me running, you keep me running she sings, with a grand velvet curtain as her backdrop. Can you say replay value?

Listen: Lana Del Rey “Without You [Kill Paris Remix]”

Let’s forget for a second that all the indie lovers are after Lana’s head, and soak in the greatness of this masterpiece. You might think, ‘Another day, another remix,’ but hit the play button before making any hasty presumptions. The careful crafting of Lana’s vocals matched with the electro backdrop is a sonic paradise. The haunting nature of her words hitting all the right emotions.

Listen: Neon Indian “Fallout”

Here’s a blast from the past to feast your ears on. Described on their band page as asacousmatic-pop-tape music, Neon Indian gives us an enthralling listen with the vintage sounds of “Fallout.” The accompanying visuals (courtesy of Adult Swim) are a perfect fit, looking like they were ripped straight from a early 90’s adult comic.

Listen: Fader Lima “Zombie”

There’s something magical about this brooding song. Be it Fader Lima’s emotionally charged vocals or her mystical attire, the video is so beautifully strange that you want to keep watching until you “get it.”

Listen: Troy Ave Ft. Action Bronson, Mr. MFN eXquire, Maffew Ragazino & Avon Blocksdale “Home T.E.A.M.”

The indie rap world has some fire too…you thought we forgot didn’t you? Brooklyn’s own Troy Ave recruits four of his fellow New York rhymesayers to unite on this gritty cut. This sound was the breeding ground for hip-hop, how can you not love it? These five have great chemistry on the track, we wouldn’t mind seeing an EP of sorts in the near future…