5 Reasons Rihanna Should Play Whitney Houston in Biopic

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It’s no surprise that Hollywood higher-ups are already tossing around ideas for a biopic dedicated to the late Whitney Houston, but reports are saying that several names have been dropped for the leading role including Jordin Sparks, Willow Smith, Brandy, Vivica Fox and Jennifer Hudson. However, the favorite choice seems to be Barbados beauty Rihanna. Here are five reasons why RihRih gets VIBE Vixen’s vote in being the perfect star to portray the legendary diva. –Adelle Platon

1. The Looks
Peep a few photos of Rihanna in her early days as the Carribbean pop princess, and there’s an unmistakable resemblance between her and a young Houston. From the chestnut brown curly locks to the flawless caramel complexion, if it’s one thing that both singers share, it’s neck-breaking, double-taking, magazine cover beauty.

2. The Stage Presence
Few females can command the stage like Rihanna and Whitney Houston. Whether it’s belting out power ballads like Nippy or risqué hip-shaking to feel-good club bangers like Robyn, all eyes are on them once they grab the mic. When Rihanna first sang for Jay-Z, her audition song of choice was Whitney Houston’s “For The Love Of You,’ which landed her a contract with Def Jam Records in a day. There’s an incomparable star power that both of them possess.

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