5 Reasons Rihanna Should Play Whitney Houston in Biopic


3. The Relationship

No Whitney Houston biopic could be complete without depicting the whirlwind romance she had with singer/rapper Bobby Brown. And no one is more familiar with playing angst and heartbreak out in the public eye than Rihanna. Her personal experiences with Chris Brown can translate to a more than convincing performance of Whitney’s controversial love life.

4. The Career
Both Rihanna and Whitney Houston launched into super stardom as teenagers, becoming household names early on. Houston’s appeal eventually led to the lead role of Rachel Marron in the 1992 classic The Bodyguard. Later this year, Rihanna will also be making the crossover into film with her acting debut as Petty Officer Raikes in the action thriller Battleship. Vocally, their incessant chart-topping records and natural ability to fluctuate between pop and R&B is a rare feat few can execute in the music business. If casted, Rihanna will be able to draw the parallels in their careers and bring it to life on-screen.

5. The Adoration
There is little doubt that the children of this generation will be singing Rihanna songs like we now have Whitney Houston songs memorized. The indelible mark the two females have left on their fans and the entertainment industry cements their position as beloved role models among many. Many times, they navigated their careers and personal lives down paths that stirred major scrutiny. Whitney was aware of the impact she made with every decision she faced, with little regard to outside opinion, making Rihanna a solid shoe-in for Houston in any biopic. –Adelle Platon