5 Reasons Why We Love Chris Brown and Rihanna’s New Remixes


By now, you’ve heard the big news. And, if you haven’t, let us be the first to break it to you: Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together! Okay, okay. So they’re technically not together together. But, it’s safe to say that they’re on speaking terms again thanks to the fact that the former couple recently collaborated on a pair of brand-new remixes. Breezy jumped on Rih-Rih’s new song, “Birthday Cake,” from her most recent album, Talk That Talk, and she quickly returned the favor by making an appearance on his new song, “Turn Up The Music,” from his forthcoming album, Fortune. They both tweeted (and retweeted!) the songs yesterday and Chris also wished Rihanna—or “Robyn” as he called her—a happy 24th birthday on Twitter.

So, yeah. All of that really happened. After months of rumors that seemed to indicate that CB and Rih were in contact again following their 2009 domestic assault incident, these remixes prove that they have, in fact, been in touch. But, is that a good thing—or a very, very bad thing? Right now, people still appear to be split. Some love the fact that these two are working together. Others can’t believe Rihanna would ever even think about working with Chris again. We happen to think that it’s good for these two to be collaborating again—on music, at least. And to show you why, we put together a list of the five reasons we’re glad they collaborated on these two new remixes. The jury may still be out on them reuniting as an actual couple anytime soon. But, for now, this working relationship works.—Chris Yuscavage

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