5 Ways to Know You’re in the ‘Friend Zone’


Arguably, men and women can’t be friends. Very often, though, we find ourselves in a confusing sitch. We’ll care about this guy so much, but things just aren’t moving forward. Honestly, you just want to know: am I in the friend zone? (Without asking)

He could be giving you mixed signals for various reasons. Whatever they may be, however, you could be skipping around in the friend zone without any knowledge. I’d say the signs we’ve listed below are fairly obvious, but when you’re lovestruck, the rose-colored specs can blind what’s really going on. Not trying to have a first class ticket to the No Relationship zone with your guy pal? Then take notes, Vixens. Find out if you’re chilling with “just a friend” or a potential partner.

1. He talks about the girls he likes with you.
This could very well be the number one indicator that you’re sitting in cell block FZ. There’s no way that a guy who likes you would even lightly touch on the subject of the women he’s courting. He may dish about a couple celebrity crushes, but no way is he full-on spilling deets about the girl he dated last week. Once the conversation takes that route, pack up your feelings and accept that friendship seat.