7 Ways To Find Mr. Right Now Before Valentine’s Day


As Valentine’s Day approaches many females will be attending and hosting Independence Parties or going out with their girls. While you may blame men, the lack of Black men, the “down low” theory, contemplate “something new” and pull up statistics of the Black male prison rate, sometimes you’re single because of YOU. The guys that you do come in contact with may have looked the other direction because of your actions. You may not have realized those little things that you do and say that leaves you unapproachable and how ended a potential relationship before it started.

With one week left until the big day, it’s still time to snag a Valentine if you acknowledge the error of your ways and follow a few simple steps. Remember, first impressions last forever and casual conversations are free. Hopefully, Cupid shoots you with his arrow before it’s too late!


1.  Do Things Alone – It’s hard for men to get a girl’s attention if she is huddled with her girls while out at events.  In romantic comedies, men will often approach a group of females and ask to dance or ask to speak with a young lady, but the reality is that the girls who look available get chosen.  If you’re interested in getting chose next time you’re out, consider ditching your girls and making yourself open to conversation.