7 Ways To Find Mr. Right Now Before Valentine’s Day


4.  Step Out The Box – From listening to any female conversations or scrolling through twitter timelines, it’s clear that most women want a dark-skinned brother that’s six feet tall like Lance Gross, a light-skinned brother with light eyes like Michael Ealy or a distinguished gentleman like Idris Elba or Denzel Washington. Unfortunately, these brothers aren’t available, so ditch the height, weight and physical appearance requirements and work with what’s standing in front of you. If you genuinely enjoyed the conversation at the bar, and he would like to continue the conversation on the phone, email or over a meal, let him do so.

5.  Expecting Something For Nothing – Asking a guy to buy you a drink, snack, lunch or dinner is never okay upon first meeting. If a guy is willing to purchase a drink for you, he will offer. Asking or expecting is the fastest way to guarantee that you will be drinking or dining alone.