7 Ways To Find Mr. Right Now Before Valentine’s Day


6.  Assume That Every Dude Is Attempting To Hit On You – When you are out, it is to be expected that you may be interested in a dance or willing to participate in a conversation. You always have a choice in who you dance or converse with, but responding with an attitude means that you probably should’ve stayed home. Every dance or conversation doesn’t mean that a guy wants to instantly take you home. Sometimes, a dance and a conversation is just that, so engage and find out his intentions before shutting him down.

7. Getting Too Comfortable on the First Date – How you met him is how you should look on the first date and how you should remain until after a few ones. While honesty is important, showing your true colors is not always appreciated so soon. Getting to know the REAL you is all a part of the process, so no change in appearance or attitude should be drastic before deeper feelings are at play.