9 Things You Should Never Eat on a First Date


The perfect guy wants to take you on the perfect date. You’re pretty sure it won’t be the typical dinner and a movie deal, but a bit of grub is definitely the menu. Trust us, even if you and your latest hottie are going rock climbing in über comfy sweats before dinner, you need to conscious of how you stuff your face. Now, we’re not suggesting that you have to curb your appetite, dig into a salad or pretend you’re a starving actress in a literal sense. It’s about keeping it cute as you eat well and maintain healthy conversation.

With the help of our lovely followers, we’ve compiled a list of things you should NOT eat during the first date. If your crush is taking you out on a romantic rendezvous, be sure to keep the sticky, messy, get-stuck-in-your-teeth foods off your radar.

See the list below…