9 Things You Should Never Eat on a First Date


1. Spinach
Ruining an eye-gazing moment with a spinach tooth smile is dreadfully embarrassing. Avoid it by staying away from the green stuff!
Suggested by: @Trich22

2. Onions
Flavorful, yes! Great on a first date, no! This veggie will destroy your Colgate fresh breath and come pouring through your skin. Don’t take a chance on devastating your natural aromas.
Suggested by: @BrownButtaFli, @MaybachLady, @LauBlancar

3. Corn
Pesky little kernels are definitely off the menu. There’s no reason to spend the majority of your evening digging between your teeth. So not cute!
Suggested by: @AR6ON

4. Ribs
It may be hard to stay away from a saucy, tender, succulent rack, but it’s a must! You don’t want him to remember a BBQ-faced, finger-licking Vixen, do you?
Suggested by: @MsMFer

5. Garlic
It’s the kissing cousin to onions. The same rules apply!
Suggested by: @IndiaisHilaria, @MaybachLady

6. Wings
Finger-licking good and dangerously messy! Make sure to dabble in these only when the two of your are comfortable during a later date!
Suggested by: @FemmesWBenefits

7. Spaghetti or Any Other Pastas
Arguably, this food is an edible no-no. While pasta seems to be the romantic dish, the banging forks and pasta noodling slurping just isn’t a turn-on.
Suggested by: @Blink66Spalon

8. Soup
Slurping the broth from a spoon? Never.

9. Oysters or Crab Legs
Pulling, cracking, biting, sucking… Sounds fun, no? It can be, but when it comes to having a first date meal, choosing crabs legs is a seafood-smelling fail.
Suggested by: @iSparks97, @ONLYTREY4ME

What else should make the list, Vixens?