A Vixen’s Guide to Online Dating


Would You Date You?
Your profile description is the only thing people have to judge you by, except for a photo, which I’ll get to next. But this is basically your 30-second online pitch: it needs to be good. Think about what makes you you and write that in a creative way that makes you stand out from the thousands of other fun girls who just like to have a good time, spend time with friends, and shop. In some ways it’s easier to get rejected online than it is in person because you don’t have a chance to explain a side-eye e-impression. A guy either sees something he likes and pursues, or he clicks on to the next. You want to make sure you’re enticing as many people as possible to poke, wink, message, inbox you, etc. as possible with the truth. And it never hurts to use spellcheck. Twice.