Actor Rotimi Akinosho Talks Love and Relationships


Rotimi Akinosho probably isn’t a name you hear often, but all that is about to change. With one season of Starz’s Boss under his belt and another one on the horizon, Rotimi (pronounced Row-Timmy) is forcing his way through the world of entertainment.

His very first acting audition secured him a spot on Boss, which stars Kelsey Grammer, so it’s not a far stretch to argue Ro, as friends and close associates call him, is an acting phenom. His character, Darius Morrison, is a soft-spoken drug dealer, who seems to be hiding an ambition that surpasses the streets. On a show that features mostly older white men, Rotimi is a welcomed and attractive distraction. His steamy scenes with fellow cast member Hannah Ware are stimulating and tantalizing. And that’s no surprise because Ro says he just acts how he normally would during close encounters with a special woman — and I’d like to assume that’s all good and nothing bad.

But Rotimi isn’t saving his talents just for TV. He’s hoping to excite your ears too with his R&B music. He stunned the audience at the Apollo Theater and performed for Jay-Z before he was 18. And now, this Northwestern University alum, is working on his EP with Bryan Michael Cox and has a few music videos and awards under his belt.

So we know Ro is a promising actor and talented singer, but what about the stuff that really counts? Is he single? And how does he treat the real leading ladies in his life? Check out the video above and find out! –Annika Harris