Are You Sticking To Your New Year Resolutions?


Chances are you’ve made resolutions before entering 2012, right? Some of us made life-changing resolutions, while others kept it traditional: lose weight, eat better, stop smoking, drink less, exercise more…

Now that we’re one month into the new year, has anyone slacked on their resolutions? You know how it goes: the new year begins, you start becoming motivated by the goals you’ve set, you get started. For the next couple of weeks, everything goes well – you begin to see a new you!

Then suddenly you fall off course… 

We’ve all been there. It gets pretty tough after just a few days. Your motivation begins to drift away, you start hanging around circles of friends who don’t support your new habits and/or routine and you start to lose self-control. Sounds like your life?? Tell us! Have you stopped going to the gym or started smoking again?

Whatever your choices were we want to know, have you stuck to the resolutions you’ve made?