Azealia Banks Sheds Light on Upcoming Debut Album

Azealia Banks wasted no time revealing details on her highly anticipated Universal Records debut. The album, titled Broke With Expensive Taste, is expected to hit shelves this September. In a recent interview Banks told Nylon Magazine the album will explore “a young girl trying to find it.”

Trying to find success, herself, and her path. Banks also expressed her appreciation for her recent popularity in the fashion world but insists she’s focused on her music. 

“I’m not trying to withdraw, but I am trying to find that personal space again because I have an album to finish”, she explained to Nylon. “All the praise from the fashion world is great but now everybody wants a piece and everybody wants an interview, but I need to step away and get my music done.”

Check out Azealia’s first single “212” featuring Lazy Jay. –Talim Adderly