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Beauty Class: 10 Ways to Maintain a Flawless Face, 24/7

Vixens, we know you're busy gals. You work, go to class, hang out with friends, date the boo, raise the kids, run the company, and everything else in between! So, you certainly don't have time to be worrying about your makeup moving, creasing, fading, and bleeding throughout the day. To ensure a face that stays beat through breakfast, the board room, Happy Hour, and date night - try a few of these simple steps.

1. Know Your Skin
Knowing and understanding your skin type is key to selecting products that will work best and last the longest. A woman who tends to be very oily, for example, will not benefit from foundations that boast radiance, luminosity, and a dewy glow; Nine times out of ten, you'll be an oil slick by mid-morning! Regular consultations with a dermatologist will help you gain an understanding of your skin, especially as it changes throughout the years (and even season-by-season). Know your skin so that you can make the most out of beauty product selection.

2. Prep
You can't expect to get the most out of your makeup today if you're applying it to skin that still bears yesterday's dirt and grime. Cleansing and gentle exfoliation are where it all begins. Removing dead skin cells and excess debris will give the skin a fresh new start. Clean skin is happy skin, and it does a better job of receiving and holding on to the skincare and makeup products that you apply to it.

3. Hydrate
Moisturizer is one of those things you just can't pass up on if you expect to stay flawless from morning 'til night. Hydrate your skin with a lotion or cream suitable to your skin type. If you suffer from extremely dry skin, a rich day cream with spf may be your go to. Oily skin types may opt instead for a lightweight, mattifying lotion. Whichever you prefer, be sure that your skin is getting it's daily dose of hydration via good skincare, so that your makeup doesn't have to work twice as hard.

4. Prime
Just as we apply a base coat to our nails, or prime a wall before painting, the skin must be prepared as well. Foundation primers even out the skin and allow your foundation, powder, etc. to be applied more smoothly, stay true-to-color, and last longer throughout the day. Primers are the bridge between your skincare and makeup, and really help products to stay in place even hours after application. Please note that there are a variety of primer types, based on the area of your face you'd like to prep; foundation primers are for the skin, eye primers prevent creasing of shadows and help pigments appear more vibrant, and lip primers smooth the lips and prevent feathering.

5. Invest in Good Tools
Good tools are just as important of the products they're used to apply. If you find that your makeup isn't lasting very long throughout the day, it's possible that you're not using the right tools to put them on. I often hear women complain about the seemingly high price of professional makeup brushes, and certainly I understand this concern from a frugal viewpoint. But, from an artist's perspective, I can honestly attest to the fact that quality brushes do most of the work for you, pack the product on more sufficiently, and can last for years on end if properly cared for. For good brushes on a budget, try brands like EcoTools, RealTechniques, and Sonia Kashuk. I'd also recommend adding a quality velour puff, eye lash curler, and set of anti-bacterial sponges to your kit.

6. Take Time With Application
I know ladies - we're busy - and in a rush. However, if you want your makeup to stay in place, you have to invest just a little bit more time and effort into the way you apply your "beat". Simple tricks like stippling your foundation on or applying concealer and lipstick with a brush for more precision will truly make the difference. It also helps to set each step of the face as you go, as opposed to waiting until you're all done. For example, try apply a loose dusting of powder after foundation and concealer, then again after blush and bronzer; it ensures that each layer is locked in place. Just don't go overboard, and be sure to sweep away any excess.

7. Layer
Layering is a secret gem in the professional makeup artists' bag of tricks! If longevity is what you want out of your beauty products, start using them together! If your fave lipstick color is wearing off too soon, try applying it over a lip that is lightly lined and filled in with a complimentary pencil. If you find that your powder blush seems to disappear after a few hours, use it over top a creme blush or liquid cheek stain. If eyebrows are your thing, consider reinforcing your brow pencil with a gel, or setting brow powder w/a wax. All in all, there is power in layers. You wouldn't just get one coat of polish at the nail salon, would you?! Exactly.

8. Waterproof
For an active woman on the go, waterproof (or water-resistant) beauty items insure the look, and give you an added few hours of wear. I, for example, live by my black waterproof YSL eye liner pencil, because it never smudges or creases on my oily lids. These days, everything from liner, mascara, foundation, and even lip gloss (crazy, right!?) come in varieties that combat water. The only trade off is finding the right products to take them off - gently - when all is said and done! There are plenty of makeup remover wipes, oils, and creams that do just the trick for long-wearing cosmetics. Estee Lauder's "Take it Away" towelettes are one of my go-tos.

9. Set
The final step in a flawless and long-lasting face is setting everything into place. If powder is your thing, try applying with either a dense, fluffy brush or velour puff in a patting motion, which really packs the product into the skin. If you prefer a more dewy look but still want staying power, try a finishing spray like Urban Decay's "All Nighter" or one of the five different sprays offered by Skindinavia [http://www.skindinavia.com/index.php].

10. Touch-Up
Once you've left home to hit the streets, be sure to stay strapped with a few key items that'll help your face look fresh throughout the day! Your lipstick is one of them, though you'll rarely have to pull it out if you've lined your lips fully. Blotting papers and/or pressed powder are other great things to keep in the stash, just in case a bit of shine surfaces. And, should any imperfections peek-a-boo when you're least expecting them, keep a small concealer stick/pen on standby. They won't catch you slipping!

What tips, tricks, and tools do you use to keep your makeup in place 24/7??? We'd love to hear them…

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