The Best Music to Help Set the Mood for Valentine’s Day… According to Slim


Slim knows how to please a woman. As a former member of 112, the ATL crooner toured the world and rocked Billboard charts with hits like “Only You” and “Cupid.” These days, Slim rolls solo but still has packs of women trailing behind him everywhere he goes. His newly released mixtape, Cruisin Da City Vol. 1, is a must have for V-day lovin’.

Earlier this week, VIBE got Slim on the phone to talk about some of his favorite artists that always help set the mood of Valentine’s day.

“Each of these artists would probably have 5 songs by themselves,” Slim tells VIBE. “What I would probably do is put 5 of my favorite artists, which is hard to do right there and put it on shuffle, you know what I mean? I love mood records.” –Adelle Platon

Slim’s Valentine’s Day Playlist – Top 5 Artists

1. Smokey Robinson (Listen)
2. Babyface (Listen)
3. Marvin Gaye (Listen)
4. El Debarge (Listen)
5. Sade (Listen)

Bonus: 5 Signs You Know Your Woman is Wifey Material
1. One situation is when she starts saying, “us,” “we” and “our.”
2. When y’all pray together, go to church together, you’re both religious, that’s wife material.
3. She has to have an amazing sense of humor through the bad and ugly.
4. I feel like I should be able to talk to her about any- and everything. Like no holds barred, there shouldn’t be any secrets. Even when it’s something that might hurt each other’s feelings, when we can have an open communication with each other, that would definitely be one.
5. She gotta be able to cook, man and she gotta be able to balance a checkbook and incredible sex. We put all that three together, and then they’re rocking with Slim, let’s go.