Beyonce Offered $100 Million to Judge X-Factor?


Beyonce is being courted to be a judge on The X-Factor!

With Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul recently being dropped from the show, X-Factor is in need of some new judges. Reports say that Simon Cowell is now offering Beyonce a whopping $100 million annual salary to appear as the new full-time judge.

If the position is accepted, she would be receiving the highest ever TV salary in hstory. Although Mariah Carey was Cowell’s original choice, sources reported that he now wants Beyonce because her current stardom would “immediately give him the bounce needed to beat ‘American Idol.'”

Beyonce previously participated in the UK version of the show during its 2008 season. She hasn’t responded to Cowell’s offer yet but the position seems ideal for the new mom to daughter Blue Ivy.

The “1+1” singer may very well be Cowell’s ticket to completely stealing the spotlight from American Idol. –Jazmine Gray

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