Beyonce Painted Her Nails Blue in Honor of Daughter


Beyonce had everyone talking about her post-pregnancy body this week when she made her first two public appearances since giving birth.

Not only does her amazing physique have folks talking, but her fingers were a big topic of discussion. Sporting blue colored nails, people speculated that Bey was rocking the blue nail polish in honor of her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. Her longtime manicurist Lisa Logan has confirmed that Bey’s nails are indeed for baby Blue. She spoke with PEOPLE about Beyonce picking the “Baker Street” polish out.

“I don’t roll with less than 200 bottles of polish on any given day,” she explained. “When I pulled all of my colors out, [Baker Street] and two other colors were sitting at the top of the pile, and [Beyoncé] said, ‘I want this!’ She didn’t even look or blink at the other colors. She was like, ‘Oh no, I want this,’” Logan recalls. “Ironically, when I came in, the first thing she asked me for was Minx. I always have Minx nails, [but] this was the one day I didn’t have them on me!”

Lisa also discussed Bey’s connection with her daughter Blue.

“You see the blue nails. You see the IV tattoo on her finger. It’s clear that she was bringing Blue along with her because she doesn’t want to be away from her for a second.”

She also spoke on Beyonce’s mommy swag and her new motherly glow.

“When I see her, I’m like, ‘Girl, you’re glowing.’ She’s so elated. Motherhood is written all over her face. She’s owning it and wearing it well.”

So there you have it, the blue nails are for Blue Ivy.

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