Bill Maher Donates $1 Million to Obama Super PAC

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Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher made a very generous donation on Thursday (Feb. 23).

After all of his negative talk towards the Republicans, Maher made a surprise announcement during a stand up comedy show live streamed by Yahoo. He said he would donate $1 million to Priorities USA Action.

“My surprise tonight is I would like to tonight announce a donation to the Obama Super PAC–which has the very unfortunate tongue-twister name ‘Priority (sic) USA Action’,” Maher said. “I know, it was named by Borat. But tonight I would like to give that PAC one million dollars.”

Maher believes in Obama and thinks that he will steal the race, “My money is still on Mitt Romney,” said Maher when asked who the eventual Republican nominee would be. “And I think he’s going to get the nomination, and then I think Obama is going to beat him like a runaway sister wife, yes, I do.”

With his generous donation, it’s surely a start.