Breakin’ Records! 10 Current African-American Artists Who Have Already Made History

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All throughout the month of February, you’re going to learn about important African-American people in all walks of life who have made history in one way or another. Some helped change laws. Others broke down racial barriers in their chosen professions. And all of them contributed to the betterment of American society by standing up and fighting for the things they believed in.

That being said, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of black folks in the world who are still making history everyday. And that’s especially true in the world of music. They may not be doing something as important as, say, taking a seat at the front of a public bus or becoming the first black man to play in a game of professional baseball. But, in their own way, they’re making sure that they’ll be remembered forever—and leaving a legacy that will inspire others to pursue their own hopes and dreams.

These are the artists that your kids will still be talking about 40 years from now thanks to their contributions to the game. So to help celebrate Black History Month, check out the 10 current African-American artists who have already made history. As these artists prove, we’re all seeing black history being made everyday.

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