Case Closed! Rick Ross Doesn’t Have Real Beef With Young Jeezy

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Does anyone know the exact reason behind Rick Ross and Young Jeezy’s beef? Some say it was after Ross released the “BMF” record but it seems like they both have different reason.

Back in 2011, Jeezy talked to Sway over at Rap Fix live where he voiced his opinion on where he thought the issues began.

“I feel like the whole thing started from a clip on WorldStarHipHop, and my thing was, if I’m a boss and you a boss, let’s sit down and be bosses,” he said. “You take a clip that somebody edited and run with that? What part of the game is that? If you felt like that, hit me up, let’s chop it up, we bosses.”

Well now Ricky Ross “The Boss” is claiming that if the money is right, quite possibly he and Young Jeezy could resolve their issues. In true Rick Ross fashion he references his sneakers (Jordans) not being stepped; which really means nothing ever got physical between the two rappers.

“I’m always ’bout business; that’s why I’m here. I haven’t taken nothin’ personal since I came in the game and I think if you in this business and plan on having longevity in this you shouldn’t take nothin’ personal, Ain’t nobody stepped on my Jordans yet, not out here,” Ross tells MTV. “As far as I’m concerned, bring that money bag, let’s shake the world up, that’s what Double M-G is about.”

There was time in Rick Ross’ career where he was an easy target in the industry, but ultimately he had the last laugh. His strict business mentality and ability to deliver consistent music deemed him victorious. Despite his brief “beefs”, the MMG mogul says he’s never taken anything personal.

“Right now it’s just all about me remaining creative, keep putting this dream team together. That’s what I’m about and I think that’s what everybody out there should be about, get your ones up,” Ross said when he spoke with Sway at a French Montana video shoot in Miami last month.

“Success is the quickest way to kill the enemy,” Ross continued.

Can we expect these two to pull a Jay-Z and Nas? –Talim Adderly