Celebrity Hairstylist Nadia Vassell Shares Tips on Becoming a Naturalista


The celebrity hairstylist and weave guru Nadia Vassell (who admittedly swears by Mizani products) has worked her magic on the tresses of actress Tika Sumpter and singers Chrisette Michele and Ashanti. The Jamaican-born entrepreneur decided to take her natural skills and foster her craft in the Big Apple, tucked away in her Lower East Side salon. As well, she saw a void in the market for quality extensions. We’ve all seen the tangled and mangled mess of a weave that sheds, so Miss Vassell (with Tika Sumpter in tow) headed to India and created Haven Hair Extensions. Now renamed to NV Hairextensions for brand consistency, the premium line is a guaranteed no shedding, no tangling brand.

Taking a trip to her intimate hair boutique myself, I decided to tap the boss Vixen for a few tips on transitioning from relaxed hair to natural. Although going natural is trendy this days, it’s actually a lot healthier for your hair (especially if you workout all the time)! Nadia shares her top three suggestions to getting the job done:

1. You can be bold and cut it all off, however I rarely go for this choice, most women, even me as a hairstylist , I cringe at the thought of cutting off my hair that took a very long time to grow.

2. Trim the relaxed ends every six weeks, you can also do a soft press, probably once a month, moisturize, deep condition.  Some people feel as if their hair will break off if they don’t go for the cut it all off option.  But that’s not the case, with proper hair care regiments, you can reduce the possibility of breakage.

3. Opt for protective styles, which includes weaves and braiding. Any style that will keep you from doing anything redundant and harsh to your own hair.  A weave, for example, is fun. You can experiment with colors, lengths and a variety of styles.  A weave can last from 2-3 months with proper care and choosing an expert who is experience enough.

Of course with our great tips out the way, we asked the hair goddess which styles are easy for the on-the-go Vixen. She says:

Easy to do hairstyles for the everyday woman can depend on her lifestyle. Big barrel bouncy curls is ideal for work, or pull your hair to your favorite side and create a low pony.  After work, just let loose, be free and sexy.

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