Celebs Mourn the Death of Whitney Houston

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The celeb world has taken to Twitter and news outlets to send their condolences over the tragic death of Whitney Houston.

Simon Cowell told CNN: “People like that can’t be manufactured. They’ve either got it or they haven’t. I was only talking about her music to a friend of mine the other day. Her records don’t sound old fashioned now. They don’t sound like they were made 20, 30 years ago. They still sound incredible. She still sounds incredible and they’re gonna sound incredible in 50 or 100 years time. There’s something about a Whitney record. It wasn’t just the power of her voice. It was the way that she could sell a song, the way that she could sell a lyric. That’s part of the reason why she was so special and the whole diva thing came with that, because she was entitled to be a diva when she’s got that much talent.”

Lionel Richie told CNN: “I’m absolutely devastated. I always say this all the time. We are a business, unfortunately, of such great talent but also of great tragedy. And we see it happen so many times from the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, the 90s. We watch them come, we watch them go and you keep thinking, it can’t happen to this next generation. It’s not going to happen and sure enough here we go again. Michael was enough just to stop traffic with me. I couldn’t believe it. And then you see Whitney. I talked to her, how are you doing? Are you okay? And you keep hoping for the best but then when you get this kind of news, there’s really nothing but silence…. She had that voice. She had that voice that could just turn a story, a melody into just magical, magical notes.”

Monica commented on Whitney days before her death: “She really loves and supports us both. For me, I went through a lot of very tumultuous moments and she would show up, not just with a phone call but physically when I needed,” Monica said about Houston’s guidance. “That’s something that I’ve carried with me, especially with all that she’s beehen we asked about Houston coaching them.n going through over the years herself. She’s never turned her back on the people she cared about.”

Diddy: “Whitney Houston!!! OMG!! I really can’t believe this.. This is one of the saddest days.”
Justin Bieber: “just heard the news. so crazy. One of the GREATEST VOICES EVER just passed. RIP Whitney Houston. My prayers go out to her friends and family”
Mariah Carey: “Heartbroken and in tears over the shocking death of my friend, the incomparable Ms. Whitney Houston.”
Rihanna: “No words! Just tears #DearWhitney”
Russell Simmons: “deeply saddened by the death of Whitney Houston…may she rest in peace.”
Ryan Seacrest: “At Grammys rehearsal hearing Whitney Houston has passed away at 48. Everyone here is absolutely stunned.”
B.o.B: “I remember ALL my mom played were her albums. She was a presence I grew up with, I cant believe it…. Rest In Peace and Have Eternal Life.”
Sean Kingston: “One Of The Greatest Voices.. Huge Inspiration!!!… SMH Sad News Man Messed up the Whole Day!”
Missy Elliott: “This is such a sad moment! I’m speechless I have no words of what I’m feeling right now. Rest in Peace Whitney Houstan I love u.”
Akon: “We’ve lost another Legend. RIP WHITNEY HOUSTON. I’m Honored to have had the chance to work with such an amazing human being.”
Jay Sean: Just heard the tragic news of Whitney Houston’s passing. This is such a huge loss to music. She was the true definition of a vocalist. So sad.”
Paula Abdul: “I am devastated. I am absolutely devastated at the news about Whitney Houston. Such a tragic, tragic loss.”
Rye Rye: “Really don’t wanna believe it but it’s true..only thing we can do is accept it! She lives forever..her and that beautiful voice LOVE.”
MackMaine: “Dammmm RIP Whitney Houston!!!! One of the greatest to ever do it….wowwwww”
Lil Twist: “Wow… RIP Whitney Houston.”
Amber Rose: “Today is my Moms birthday and her Hero just passed away we feel like she was a part of our family. RIP Whitney we Love u.”
Kim Kardashian: “Just heard the tragic news that Whitney Houston passed away. I pray for her daughter & loved ones. We will always love you Whitney…”
AlyssaMilano: “My husband just told me about Whitney Houston. My heart aches. Rest in peace, beautiful lady.”
Adrienne Bailon: “I’m SO sad right now… I still have her card from the flowers she sent me the first day of filming on The Cheetah Girls… #R.I.P.Whitney”
Bow Wow: “Everytime Ms Whitney saw me she would go “Ruff Ruff Ruff” all the time… She lived right around the corner from me. #TrueLegendrighthereboy
Angela Simmons: “Prayers to her family and loved ones. #GodsStrengthen – Rest in peace Whitney Houston”
Busta Rhymes: “Can’t believe we’ve lost another 1 of our Royalty. Sister Queen Whitney Houston. God Bless on ur journey as u now stand with the Most High.”
Dawn Richard: “a legend … a hero…a voice …an angel… Whitney Houston .. “
Diggy Simmons: “RIP to the legendary Whitney Houston.. Voice is unmatched.”
Eve: “Wow R.I.P Whitney Houston. So sad. My prayers go out to family,friends,fans…”
KELLY ROWLAND: “I am beyond heartbroken. Whitney Houston was undoubtedly one of the greatest singers & performers of all time & such a huge influence on me.”
Kimora LEE: “RIP Whitney my lady… Always one of the Most Beautiful! Maybe now u will be at peace….love you and the family forever. ?”
LaLa: “Words can not express my sadness and sorrow at this time. Praying for Whitney Houston and her family. Somethings are truly unbelievable.”
Tia Mowry: “My heart goes out to an amazing woman, mother, singer, and legend. She’s had nothing but kind words to my sister and I. We ? u Whitney!”
Q-Tip: “I had the pleasure of knowing /wking w whitney. Known her 4 long time. My prayers r w/fam, robyn, bob, ect.. RIP whitney “THEVOICE””
Solangeknowles: “I will always remember Whitney Houston as a true, outstanding, talent. A radiant beauty. A magical smile. A voice that made you shiver.”

Usher “R.I.P Whitney Houston… A true icon of our time. Gone too soon. My heart goes out to the family in their time of distress. URIV”