Chris Brown Ordered to Stay on Supervised Probation


Chris Brown has been keeping up with all his legal obligations since his incident with Rihanna, but it looks like he’ll have to remain under the watchful eye of the law for a bit longer.

Yesterday, Superior Court judge George Lomeli ordered that the singer stay on supervised probation and continue to report to his probation officer in his home state, Virginia.

Breezy wasn’t present in court, but his progress has not gone unnoticed. Chris’ probation officer wrote a report which states that CB has been truthful with officers, passed all required drug tests and “has made great strides” while under probation supervision.

He was sentenced to five years probation for his fight with Rihanna, which took place three years ago yesterday. Chris is continuing to make a strong comeback, as the “Turn The Music Up” singer is scheduled to perform at this year’s Grammy Awards.

The 22-year-old “Look At Me Now” singer will not let up his anti-interview policy and has plans to moonwalk his way on the red carpet, interview free. According to RadarOnline, a close source to Brown said this:

“Chris just wants to do his performance, and let his music speak for him. Chris and Rihanna have both moved on from what happened, and Chris has accepted responsibility for his actions. Chris thinks it’s unfair that the media wants to focus on the incident, especially when you look at how the media treats Charlie Sheen. Sheen isn’t asked about his criminal record involving several women, including his now ex-wife. Chris might answer a few questions if he wins an award, but it would be very short, and he would only take a few questions, and not talk about Rihanna.” 

His performance will be dedicated to his mother, who’s also his date to the awards ceremony. –Anthony Reynolds, Additional Reporting by Diane Varnie