Christina Milian Signs to Young Money


If anyone knows how to bounce back after divorce and a baby, it’s Christina Milian. Ever since the singer gave birth and divorced ex-hubby The Dream, not only has she gotten her pre-birth body back, she’s also reclaimed her shine.

This weekend, Lil Wayne announced that Christina has joined the Young Money Cash Money family, and he even took a few shots at Jay Z and Kanye when he shared the news, saying, “I met a bad red bone, I took the b*tch home, I asked her what she want to watch, she said surely not the Throne.”

Christina also took to Twitter to confirm the news, writing from @CMilianOfficial: “The answer is….Yes. Let’s Get To Work! I Heart You Guys.. It’s Now or Never. :*”

C Milian is definitely in good company, Young Money has enjoyed a high level of fame thanks to label members, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and of course Weezy. We’ll have to see whether they pull out all the stops to make Christina’s comeback a success as well.

Do you think Young Money is the label to get Christina’s singing career back on course?