Designer We Love: Nakimuli


Nakimuli, pronounced nah-KIM-u-lee, is a cutting edge fashion line that we always have our eyes on. Tennille McMillian is the stylish woman behind this “American Funky Sweetheart” inspired brand.

The Brooklyn based fashion business, Nakimuli, was started in 2009 after Tennille graduated with a degree in dance. Even though modern dance is her first love, she decided to pursue a career in fashion design.

Over the years, Tennille has created designs like the “Dookie Chain”, dresses with big bow embellishments, and leggings with loud, vibrant prints. The limited quantity produced ready to wear clothing line is known for its use of jersey fabrics, use of unique silhouettes, and use of African prints.

The Nakimuli girl is an innovator that loves to try different things and not a follower of all the latest trends. She marches to the beat of her own drum.

A few weeks ago, Nakimuli released a few new designs including Serged Leggings, Blue Scales Dress, and True Essence Dress.

Using the color scheme of purple, blue and gray, she created a collection of pieces that are great for transitioning from winter to spring. Also, she has leggings in unique prints available. All of her designs are come in plus sizes as well.

Take a look at Nakimuli’s recent additions to her online shop:

- Paulette Wilson

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