Diddy Wins First Oscar For ‘Undefeated’ Film, Makes History

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Diddy is now part of the small circle of rappers with Oscars. The music mogul won the Best Documentary Academy Award for his role as executive producer on the film Undefeated, which makes this the first time in history that an African-American director (TJ Martin) has won an Oscar for a feature length film.

Diddy is now the third hip-hop artist to win an Academy Award, following in the footsteps of Eminem and Three 6 Mafia. Undefeated follows the Manassas Tigers football team, an underprivileged football team who meats Bill Courtney, the volunteer coach from a different side of town who works to reverse their fortune.

Diddy released a statement to The Life Files regarding his recent victory. Check it out:

Hello World,

Waking up the day after such an incredible experience is humbling.

I have had so many dreams, some came true others are still being worked on. That said, being apart of a film that shows the drive and determination of kids who seemingly have no hope, no future, and nothing but obstacles, has taught me that there is a universal spirit of faith and character in all of us that binds us. Their story is my story, is our story, is your story at some real level, we can relate. Once the flame is ignited in us, nothing can stop us. I hope to be that spark that makes everyone believe anything is possible. God bless you all and I thank you for sharing in this honor with me.

Sean Combs.

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