Does Seeing Skinny Celebrities Make You Feel Better About Your Body?


According to a study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, seeing a picture of Beyoncé or sharing a birthday with the Virgo will have you feeling like you could walk any runway. Against the common belief that seeing a thinner or more proportionate celeb will lower you self-esteem, Ariana Young  finds that we common folk liken ourselves to celebrities, whether we should or not. The same way we feel as if we sound like Adele in our showers, we see Rihanna when we look in the mirror. It’s assimilation, Vixens. And this positive, parasocial relationship (find out what that is here) heightens when we have things in common with said stars, i.e., birthdays, articles of clothing, etc.

Recently, CNN iReport just launched a initiative about defining beauty. It’s clear that the perception of what we think is beautiful affects our esteem, which is altered on account of the culture being over-saturated with images of the glamazons! Young, interestingly, disputes that the perception isn’t distorted negatively, resulting in the thriving business that is entertainment.

Read more about the study here!

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