Don’t Be Bitter Toward Love + Relationships


Springtime is approaching and we can already see that love in beginning to bloom. While many of you are shaking off cuffing season to sow single, wild oats, others are lovestruck, ready to frolic under the vernal equinox with a cutie. Either way, relationships are coming…

And what’s to come of those still bitter from cold of relationship pasts. I hate when women are called bitter, but sometimes it’s quite justifiable. We heard the unnecessary whispers from the bitter brigade around V-Day, and still, mumbles of those unlucky in love float around. It’s easier said than done to shake off bitterness, but identify why you’ve turned cold and move forward. You don’t want to miss the chance to be warmed up in love, right?

Get an early start on spring cleaning started in your love life with a bit of Vixen advice.