Evelyn Lozada Breaks Down Her Anger Toward Jenn, Chats Business Ventures

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VIBE caught up with Evelyn Lozada who breaks down her anger toward Jenn, how Ochocinco inspires her and what she has in store via her book deal and make-up line.

You and Jenn…wow. That first episode was a doozy! 

I hope that it’s clear what the issue is. Last season it was because publicly [Jenn] did this interview that really made me angry. So then to get over that, and now you did something else publicly and I’m like what the f**k? Like, why do you continue to do this? I don’t do interviews about you. I mean, and I always say this, I was that person that they would always interview and ask about Jenn and Eric−because who else would know the inside? Me, right? And I wouldn’t comment on anything pertaining to her, her relationship, their marriage or what went on because I just feel like that’s not my place. I’ve never talked about her. If I did, it was something positive and if I felt a certain way about something, I wouldn’t talk about it on the radio or in an interview or anything.

You can be mean at times but in this case it did seem like Jenn didn’t want to own up to her part in the drama.

Right! You never know how things are going to be edited and I don’t want things to look like, “Ok, I just wanna fight with this girl,” because there was a prior issue before filming and talking because of that issue. Anything that we say gets blown up times a thousand. So, I feel like when you’re on TV and your life is public, you need to, at some point, start being real about who you are and what you’re doing and what you’ve done because if you think that you’re going to be able to keep that behind closed doors forever, you’re buggin.

I know how in reality TV they’ll make you keep focusing on the same issue over and over again and I could see how that would get frustrating because you might just want to end it but they want you to keep talking about it.

Yes. I would’ve never had that conversation and sat down with her but there was a story that’s being told and we’re now on this show. It’s the same thing with Rory last season. We would’ve never sat down and talked but you have to tell the story and there has to be a beginning and end, it’s just what it is. If I wasn’t on this show, I would’ve never had this sit-down with her. I would’ve never talked to her again. That’s just how I am because at that point, I’m like, “Oh, you did this again, then I’m done.” But when you’re taping you don’t have much of a choice because it tells a story that needs to be told.

I know you got a lot going on businesswise. Talk about your book and movie deal with Cash Money. What does that entail?

I have a three-part series. The first book is called The Inner Circle and that’s going to be released June 5th. We just did the photo shoot for it and I’m super excited. The books are based around some journals I had and I found when I was moving. The book is just three friends−you know−a lot of listening to these ladies’ stories and seeing that it’s really a lot going on behind closed doors. But for me to be able to put all this information into these novels is pretty cool. It’s kind of like a story is being told but you don’t know what Evelyn went through because I would never throw my ex under the bus or do anything like that but it was pretty fun switching out these characters and names and just making them into novels, because you know these books are real. A lot of it is real things that happened. There will be shows and movies too but we’re in the beginning stages of that so we’re really focusing on the books right now. I co-wrote the book with Courtney Parker. She’s amazing. She was the writer for LA Law and Order and she’s also now my manager. She’s a really good person, really smart and I just think that she’s amazing. She’s a great writer and she’s good to work with.

And you’re working on a make-up line too, right?

I’m super excited about my make-up line because I love make-up. It’s E by Evelyn Lozada and I will say this – it’s on the same level–you know, M-A-C has a million and one different things but as far as the shadows, the brushes–same quality. I wanted to make sure that my makeup was not only affordable but it was quality. It’s blushes, eye shadows and lip-glosses. It’s gonna be out some time in February. I’m looking to really sell it in stores like Walgreens, CVS and Duane Reade, so that everyone can buy it, especially the ladies that watch the show.

What did you learn from Chad on the business side of things?

What he taught me was to not take everything so serious. Chad is a very free spirit, nothing phases him. You can tell him anything via twitter and he’s just one of those people that just takes things one day at a time and I think he taught me that. I’m a firecracker and I’m always two seconds from screaming but you he calms me down. For anyone who’s watching twitter recently, he checks me via twitter and he’s like “If you don’t have anything nice to say, you need to get off of twitter,” and I’m just like, “Ok.” And because I’m always thinking–I mean, I sleep maybe five hours a night, I’m always thinking and working, but and he’s just like, you need to calm down, take things one day at a time. He definitely gives me inner peace when it feels like sometimes I don’t have it. When it comes to business, I’ll be stressed out about something and he’s like, “It’s gonna be ok, why are you always stressin?” So he keeps me grounded.