A First Hand Account of DMX’s Homecoming New York City Concert


Those who’ve never experienced the infamous Tunnel nightclub in the 90s got a little taste of what it must’ve been like last night at SOBs. You expected DMX to be worn out and winded from shuffling in and out of jail, battling a drug habit for years and divorcing his long time wife. But the dog sounded as young and hungry as ever while sweating it out to his own classics: from “Get At Me Dog” and “Stop Being greedy” to party starters like “Who We Be” and “Where The Hood At.” For many who’d stood on line clutching dollars to buy X’s 1998 debut at a physical record store, SOBs was a time machine for the night.

It’s too bad things are different now. Hip-Hop’s been soft ever since Drake came through and… rapped about his feelings. It must be a tough pill for DMX to swallow, having been responsible for changing the fabric of rap from shiny to gritty when It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot dropped. He displayed as much disgust during an interview with The Breakfast Club earlier this week, but if that wasn’t enough X continued last night, berating rappers who obssess over luxury items (Swizz Beatz looked a little nervous on stage at this point) by threatening that if they keep boasting about riches, “I’ma take it.” He won’t. But it was refreshing to hear the former stickup kid encourage the crowd to participate in the hashtag-worthy chant: “Good for you.” –Clover Hope

Other Dark Man X Highlights his inaudible mumbling; the sip and pass portion (dmx doesn’t care about germs); His drooping, gravity-defying pants that no doubt had some guys nervous; no sisqo or drag-on?

Click Below For Photos From The Night (via Techie)

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