Gloria Govan Involved in Another Love Triangle?


Here we go again. Basketball Wives LA star Gloria Govan is involved in yet another love triangle. The baby’s mother and on-again-off-again fiancé to Lakers forward Matt Barnes has reportedly had a smash session with rapper the Dream, and the subsequent firestorm that was unleashed on Twitter as a result was pure tom foolery. Now this time Black Wall Street affiliate and rapper The Game’s friend is hinting at sampling Glo’s cakes. I just saw her and Matt booed up and holding hands at a red carpet event?

Anyway, the all-too-excited rapper Avante Rose (has anyone ever heard of him?) has posted apparent pictures of Gloria in his bed with his sweatshirt, then proceeded to entice Matt Barnes with a slew of insults about his basketball prowess. What’s worst is that he refers to Gloria as a bitch.

Come on now! What in the name of cyber pseudo-gang banging is going on? -Phelena Jean Check out the tweets after the jump…