How Do You Define Beauty?


CNN iReport has launched an initiative that explores the true meaning and definition of beauty. Interestingly, this exploratory program, asking readers to divulge the insecurities and pride about their bodies, comes at quite a height of society’s, often times, warped sense of what beauty is.

The controversial discussion has been presented before, but it’s always healthy to re-introduce the convo amongst the ever-changing pressures of pop culture. Young people, especially young women, are constantly battling the peculiar pang of the “right” complexion, the “right” hair, the “perfect” weight and even the “right” clothes. Sadly, these key traits have become what defines what is beautiful, inspired by seemingly “perfect” stars like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Angela Simmons and others. Even outside of Western culture, the constraints of beauty waver, and without an understanding of beauty across its infinite spectrum, it’s hard to be accepting of anything outlying from a particular perspective.

Thankfully, most of the globe-trotting leading ladies of the industry are famous for praising the “be you” mantra. But in a keep-up-appearances generation, it’s hard to separate being yourself from being like the women who men fawn over.

Here at VIBE Vixen, we love it all! Yes, clothes, shoes, makeup and more are our faves, but it’s all in what works for you and what’s on the inside of that outward beauty. We’ve all known that beautiful girl who’s hideous on the inside, right?

It’s time to speak your mind on what’s beautiful! Let CNN and VIBE Vixen know what beauty means to you!

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