‘Ice Loves Coco’ Sneak Peak – Health Struggles Put Pregnancy On Hold

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Snippets of Ice Loves Coco season two have been floating around online and it iooks like this season, Coco has a health scare when her doctor diagnoses her with severely hight blood pressure.

She has a difficult time accepting it when she hears the news, and with her husband Ice away shooting Law & Order SVU things aren’t made any better. With the help of Coco’s sister, she is able to take and MRI to try and resolve the cause of her high blood pressure. At the end of the episode the doctors aren’t able to find a cause just yet, but the 32-year-old vows to change her lifestlye to a healthy one.

The episode airs Sunday February 19 at 10:30 p.m. EST.

Peep a sneak peek clip below.