In Case You Missed It: ‘The Game’ Season 5, Episode 5 Recap


Last night’s episode of BET’s The Game was not really filled with the juice that we had in last week’s episode, but above all it sufficed our fix.

Jason Pitts (Coby Bell) continues with his new found discovery of being black and realizes that he actually cares about Chardonnay (Brandy Norwood). He spends the entire episode trying to figure out how the two can work out their relationship after signing the annulment. He suggests that they date, but she’s not really interested. Defeated by rejection, Jason goes to Malik (Hosea Chanchez) and Derwin (Pooch Hall) to reveal the results of his drunken escapades with Chardonnay and gets some brotherly advice.

The truth of the matter is however that Chardonnay wants what Jason basically just got out of, marriage and kids. Coming to terms with the fact that it just might not work out, Jason goes back to his old ways and tries to move on with a woman whose name he can’t even remember. Since the boys weren’t of much help, he ends up on Tasha’s (Wendy Raquel Robinson) doorstep and she schools him on the “plight” of black women. Finally he has an epiphany and goes to Chardonnay and honestly asks her to take a chance, she gives him four weeks.

Besides the Jason Pitts drama, the episode wouldn’t have been complete without Melanie’s (Tia Mowry) shenanigans. She and Derwin join a new church while she continues her efforts to try and conceive a child. It’s also revealed that Malik had to let Jenna (Tika Sumpter) go for his career, (which sucks because they were so cute together), hopefully the plot will have some twist and she will return before the season ends.

All in all the episode was based around culture and we’re looking forward to next week’s episode. Stay tuned here for a recap!