Indie Artists That Need to Be on Your Playlist: Dallas The Kid, Blood Oranges, Yuna, and More

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After high demand, we’re back again with another installment of must-have indie acts to grace your playlists. This go-around we have a mix of crooners to the raw spitters. We won’t give it all away though, just read on, press play and enjoy the sounds. –Jolie Sanchez

Listen: Dallas Tha Kid “Be Your Daddy” Ft. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire

The perfect combination of melancholic production, gritty rhymes , and thug love made us throw “Be Your Daddy” (from his No Valentine mixtape) at the top of this list.

Listen: Blood Orange “Forget it [Video]”

With do-it-yourself visuals, the classic guitar strums and subtle vocals make the vintage rock aesthetic and nonchalant vibe a highlight of Blood Orange’s latest.

Listen: Yuna – Live Your Life (Prod. Pharrell Williams) [Video]

Pharrell lends his beat-crafting majesties to make magic with FADER Label’s new gem, Yuna. “Live Your Life” is a theme song for the dreamers. Without question, the tune’s elegant, smooth tone will have your soul dancing.

Listen: Milli Mars “The Alarm [Video]”

Millie Mars’ “The Alarm” has a certain vile splendor that will have your attention from the first play. It’s a movie with blood-stained aprons, carcasses being boiled and salted like Tuesday night’s dinner, and questionable rituals they’re performing at the end…you’ll have to see for yourself.

Listen: Digitalism “Idealistic (The 83rd Remix)”

Word has it that this song served as the soundtrack to one of the greatest train jacking heists in the history of New York City. Brooklyn musician The 83rd takes on Digitalism’s viral dance anthem, infusing it with his own experimental touch and creating an explosion of sounds.