Is All Fair in Love and Hip-Hop?


Almost every artist talks about how their music has evolved as they went from a rookie in the game to one of rap’s biggest names. For the most part, that maturation is evident in the rhymes they spit, except for when it comes to women. If you really want to rap what’s real, shouldn’t the fact that you’re married or a father be a part of that—and I’m talking more than just dropping your kid’s name in a line every now and then. I know it’s not necessarily popular, but it’s real. And that’s what rap is, isn’t it?

There’s a certain hood smugness that goes along with being the bad bitch or a man’s main bitch that can only be understood in the rap culture, but there’s also a loss of honor when references used for a man’s partner and a random chick out in the streets become interchangeable. But who are we to fuss? We’re not the wives, girlfriends and significant others putting up with it. And from where we stand, they haven’t said a word in opposition. If all’s fair in love and war, maybe being the hot bitch in the home is just something that comes along with the rap territory. If that’s what these women have chosen to accept, I guess all is fair in love and hip-hop as well.

What do you think about the way rappers refer to their wives and girlfriends in music and how they suggest infidelity with their lyrics? Is it part of the game or does it need to change?