Is Evelyn Lozada Giving Chad Permission to Cheat in Their Marriage?


Did you tune into Monday night’s episode of Basketball Wives Miami? Well if you didn’t there were more than the usual shenanigans, cattiness, gossip, and insult slinging to go around. But the kicker came at the tail end of the episode, when a very intimate conversation between Evelyn and her ‘fiancé’ Chad Ochocinco took place.

In sitting Chad down, to talk about their pending nuptials in the summer and her displeasure about him having so many ‘homegirls’ that she is uncomfortable with, she behooved him to “tighten up.” The real crux of their conversation however, came when she instructed him that she’s been in the game for a long time, and she is no stranger to being with athletes, and the subsequent foolishness and infidelity that is damn near bound to take place. I believe her words were something like, “I know I don’t have the best motha****ng pu**y on the planet,” going on to say that she would rather know about his adulterous behavior than be in the dark about it. His response was surprisingly candid, and he admitted that he is tempted while he is on the road, and even asked Evelyn would she be open to the idea of bringing another woman into the bedroom? BOMBSHELL! And she surprisingly responded half affirmatively.

While it is great that they are having this very candid discussion before saying their ‘I do’s’, Evelyn’s tears were a telltale sign that she was not all together comfortable with the notion of having such an open relationship. Their conversation begs the question, how far would you go just to say you have a man, or to walk down the aisle? While it is blatantly obvious that Ms. Lozada is desperate to be married, and has even convinced herself that she is part of the coveted wives’ club because of her previous long term relationship, the fact is she remains a 36 year old unmarried woman, who is willing to make certain compromises, not the least of which is giving her future husband permission to bed other women.

While infidelity is a very real reality for most women, and serial infidelity among athletes is no big secret, do you think Evelyn is crazy for granting Chad full reign to cheat? Or is she simply being a realist knowing that it is bound to happen, and opting for honesty no matter how hard it may be to digest?