Is Nicki Minaj’s New Track ‘Roman Reloaded’ Just Another ‘Stupid Ho’ Rendition?


Sigh…Nicki is at it again! Is it me or do all of her songs sound like “Stupid Ho” renditions? This time she has teamed up with Lil’ Wayne for her new single, “Roman Reloaded.”

She must have recorded this song after her dreadful and quite lackluster performance at the Grammys. As she raps, “Is it me or did I put these rap b*tches on the map again? You mad cause I’m at the Grammys with the Vatican.” An obvious jab at, arguably, the real Queen B, Lil’ Kim.

Oh Nicki, how I’d wish you’d change up your repertoire. Come harder!

Decide whether you like the new track for yourself.!

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